Naturehike Cloud Up 2 Upgraded 210T light 1 to 2 person tent
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The Cloud Up 2 210T Tent is an ideal mate for solo biking or hiking trips or to camp in a camping or wild environment.

It is extremely light, compact but still spacious enough to put all your camping and touring wear comfortably in a safe shelter.

Still not light enough? The 2 220 T may be just what you need!

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  • Brand
  • Max nr. of Persons
  • Variation
  • Extra footprint included
  • Material
  • Color
  • Watercolumn
  • Material inner tent
  • Material bottom
  • Watercolumn bottom
  • Material tent poles
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  • Packed volume

This combination does not exist.

The weight and size of the Cloud Up 2 Naturehike makes it perfect for bikepacking and backpacking. 
The tent has sufficient space to stock all other camping materials inside.

This Cloud Up 2 inner and outer tent layer can be used seperately, either as a tarp tent to provide shadow or some protection, or the inside as a mosquito net or shelter. Depending on your needs.


Cloud Up Pick your Size

All models permit one to sit upright in the tent. Thanks to the innovative design to attach the inner tent sheet, the ceiling of the tent inside looks more wide than you would assume from seeing it outside. This makes it much more cosy. 

Specific to the Cloud up 3 is an inner floating stick to make the ceiling even more wide, which is absent in the Cloud up 1 & Cloud up 2 versions .

Afmetingen Cloud Up 1, Cloud Up 2 Updated en Cloud Up 3

Transport Tent in backpack or bikepack

The lenght of the tent-packaging is determined by the length of the tent pickets. 
Here is a hack: It can be a smart move to transport this on the outside of your back or framerack on the bicycle, that way you will notice the tent sail itself only takes half its original space and less if you push! 
Personally I own a Cloud up 2 and most of the time put it in my bikepack attached to the side, which leaves a lot of space to put other camping stuff inside it.

Tarptent setup

Using the outside layer and footprint of the tent alone, provides a tarp tent shelter to provide shadow. This can be especially interesting if you want to minimise the weight of the tent, like during an endurance race.

Sleeping beneath the stars

The inner tissue of the CloudUp could also be constructed alone, with or without the base part.
This can be nice in hot and dry areas where protection from mosquitos, insects, snakes, ... is necessary. 

Solid Structure, Freestanding design

You can construct your Naturehike CloudUp Tent wherever you feel like. The all-in-one pole construction where you put the pickets in the base corners. It implies it's even ideal on a rocky or harsh bottom: holes in the ground are not necessary anymore. 

Very easy set up

Without even preparation or pre-travel exercise it becomes child's play to assemble it in less than 5 minutes! Even in my first experience with Naturehike's Cloud Up it took me less than 10 minutes without help.

Lightweight tent

The CloudUp 2 is a very leight tent, this 20D version only weighs 1,7 kg without the base and ground pickets. Everything included it weighs 1,9 kgs. 

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Brand Naturehike
Max nr. of Persons 2
Variation 210T
Extra footprint included Yes
Material Properties
Color Orange or Light green
Material Polyester
Watercolumn 3000mm
Material inner tent 210T polyester / B3 mesh
Material bottom 150D Oxford Cloth
Watercolumn bottom 3000mm
Material tent poles 7001 Aluminium alloy
Weight 1,7kg
Packed volume ø14x46cm