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During a multi-day bikepacking trip, ultra-endurance race or bike-touring, keeping the electronics charged is increasingly one of the biggest challenges. Garmin is already putting an end to this as far as the navigation unit is concerned. With the x30 series you already got a very good battery life, especially if you had connected the extension battery to it. But with the 1040, the brand makes a giant leap forwardBesides the battery life of 70 hours for the Edge 1040 and more than 100 hours for the Edge 1040 Solar, the device naturally has a lot of other new functions and a completely new interface. Not yet informed? Then I definitely recommend reading  the DC Rainmaker review . At the bottom of this page is also a summary of the novelties.

Garmin Edge 1040


In plaats van €   599,99
  • IN THE BOX :

  • Edge 1040
  • Mounts (standard and out-front)
  • USB cable
  • Tether
  • Documentation

Garmin Edge 1040 Solar

643 .95

In plaats van €  749,99
  • IN THE BOX :

  • Edge 1040 Solar

  • Black silicone case

  • Mounts (standard, out-front and MTB)

  • USB cable

  • Tether

  • Documentation

Garmin Edge 1040 Bundle


In plaats van  €  699,99
  • IN THE BOX :

  • Edge 1040
  • Speed and cadence sensor
  • HRM-Dual™ monitor
  • Mounts (standard and out-front)
  • USB cable
  • Tether
  • Documentation

Garmin Edge 1040 vs Garmin Edge 1030 Plus

The Edge 1040 is a huge upgrade within the Garmin Edge offering. The changes are immediately visible when the device is started up due to the completely new user interface, which looks much more user-friendly!

  • Almost double the battery life!! 
    This is certainly one of the most important improvements for Ultra-Endurance and Bikepacking. With the Edge x30 products, the battery could last for several days with sparing use, but the Edge 1040 and the Edge 1040 Solar put an end to history and establish a new milestone in battery life, greatly expanding the possibilities for off-road biking! It is no longer necessary to plan stops with electricity supply! But can really separate from the world for a longer period of time, especially when buying the version with solar panels!
  • Stronger glass and solar panel in the screen (Edge 1040 Solar)
  • 64GB storage with different continents pre-installed (Edge 1040 Solar)
  • Multi-band/Dual Frequency GNSS/GPS
    The accuracy of the GPS reception is much better thanks to the combination of multiple types of satellites. Garmin was already a top player in this area, but has nevertheless been able to take it one step further with this device!

  • Power guide
    Do you drive with a power meter? From now on you can let your Garmin determine at what power you should ride at any moment of your training or race to achieve a certain goal. Of course, for this function, your settings must be perfect and your Garmin must already know you well because of a lot of use with sensors. Some reviewers don't immediately see the usefulness of this function, but especially for gran-fondo and ultra-endurance this can really make a difference, in combination with the new stamina functionality.
  • Real-time Stamina
    A feature that was already known by the users of Garmin Forerunner devices. Stamina indicates in real time how your condition is and how it is evolving, to estimate for you how long you can continue without getting into trouble!
    Very useful for on the road and to correctly estimate which stops are realistic to reach, and/or whether you need to take extra breaks or rest places! 
  • Training screen layout on Smartphone
    One criticism of the previous devices was that setting up the screen was experienced as time-consuming. From now on you can do this from your smartphone, which is a lot more user-friendly and much more efficient!!
  • Recent Finds
    The device keeps track of the locations you recently searched for, so you don't forget what you wanted to see along the way! 
  • Various Post-ride functionalities
    Better route visualization, ClimbPro splits can be reviewed after the ride, ... 
  • Widgets on homepage
  • IQ app store ondevice
  • Metal Mount
    The part that broke the most on previous models were the ears of the mount. This problem has now been solved with the introduction of an aluminum mounting piece. And it's still compatible with Garmin's external battery!
  • USB-C
    The Edge 1040 is Garmin's first device with a USB-C port. This does not give the device any extra options, but USB-C connectors are noticeably more robust than micro-usb and there is a greater chance that from now on you can charge your laptop, smartphone, ... and your cycling computer with a single adapter, which is certainly a plus on holiday.

  • lanyard no longer inside charging port
    On previous models, the lanyard came out past the charging port, sometimes causing the cover to open unintentionally. With the Edge 1040 they have moved it slightly back with 2 holes that are only for the lanyard.
  • And so much more ...
    For an in-depth comparison and review, I recommend reading DC Rainmaker's blog. I also recommend his site for other devices. Because he is not sponsored and independent and also reviews Wahoo, Hamerhead, ... very extensively and in-depth with descriptions of all functionalities, he gives a good idea of which device best suits your requirements!
    Click here to go to DC Rainmaker's blog

Will the Edge x30 (Plus) products get new features?

Due to the major changes, Garmin has decided not to transfer the new functionalities to the x30 (plus) models. This is unfortunately contrary to what we were used to from Garmin in the past.

Garmin Edge 1040 Reviews

There are already several reviews on the internet, below are some youtube reviews from non-sponsored reviewers

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