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Bike Helmets, functionality, history and myths (Part 1)

Bike helmets, most of us agree they add to our safety. But does this mean everything manufacturers tell us is true? Do we really have to change helmet every 3 to 5 years and what is this MIPS all about? A quick history of bike helmets The bike helmet came a long way, from leather “hairnets” that did nothing more than protect your ears from being grinded of by the pavement to high-tech helmets that go as far as call the ambulance if you are unresponsive after a fall. Bike helmets are around for more than a century now, but they’ve gone to a lot of changes over time. The first helmets where nothing more than a leather and wool ring around the head. Later styles changed and they started wearing the so-called hairnet designs. These had extra longitudinally arranged leather strips, filled with foam. But the protection rate staid

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Hydration for endurance sports

It’s an everlasting discussion, especially between bikers. How much do you have to drink to stay healthy and functional? Personally, on most of my sub 150 km rides I take 0,5 to 1,5 liters with me, depending on the weather and the distance. And many times, I come home with half of it still untouched and sometimes without taking more than 2 sips of it. I know some other people that drink this little but most people ask me after half the ride if I already drank, concerned of my health. But I notice if I drink as much as they do I start feeling strange and uncomfortable. So do I have to train to drink more? Or is it really possible I need this little water to stay hydrated? The well known theory The National Academy of Medicine (USA) States in “DIETARY REFERENCE INTAKES FOR Water, Potassium, Sodium, Chloride,

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