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    Bike Helmets, functionality, history and myths (Part 1)

    Bike helmets, most of us agree they add to our safety. But does this mean everything manufacturers tell us is true? Do we really have to change helmet every 3 to 5 years and what is this MIPS all about? A quick history of bike helmets The bike helmet came a long way, from leather “hairnets” that did nothing more than protect your ears from being grinded of by the pavement to high-tech helmets that go as far as call the ambulance if you are unresponsive after a fall. Bike helmets are around for more than a century now, but they’ve gone to a lot of changes over time. The…

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    Bikepacking,  Philippines 2020

    Amazing Philippines Bikepacking adventure 2020 – Arrival in Metro Manila

    This February and march I’ve been on a two month bikepacking vacation to the Philippines. It was a first for me on many accounts; My first vacation outside of Europe, my first time in a plane, my first vacation without a car or motorcycle to bring me everywhere I desire. And it was also my first real bikepacking, except for some small trips in my home environment. Preparation It was difficult to find good information on how and where to go bikepacking in the Philippines. So I joined a bikepacking group on Facebook to get some information. On this group everyone was pointing me in the direction of one guy,…